Embratoria parallel face Supports Fans

Since 2013, Embratoria’s Sport section has helped an entire generation of Foot-Ball's Fans find their way into the spotlight. Fans immediately took a liking to its features, as there is no need to try and convince someone to feature their work when they can easily watch their best


We are continuing to improve our talent support platform. Now, budding artists will find it even easier to license their tracks and find their audience. For that, all they have to do is go to the Embratoria Features community and fill out a special application on our https://www.embratoria.tv .

Present Yourself:

Just as before, Embratoria provides a place for you to easily publish Programs Embratoria G and Application g7 free and create communities where you can interact with your freinds. The free application expands your possibilities, allowing you to share your match with millions of people and earn royalties from your Laptop or your Smartphone.