Who can join Parallelface?
Anybody above the age of 13 can join the platform.

How many times can I post on my wall in a day?
Posting on Parallelface is unlimited.

Can I get the verification badge (Blue Tick) on my profile?
We don't reward all profiles with a verification badge.

How many accounts can I have per household?
You can have up to five (5) accounts per Household but you will not be rewarded if you refer someone in the same house using the same IP.

Can I post links to other websites?
Posting any links related to PTC/GPT or any other click-sharing websites is not allowed. We will ban your account if we found any suspicious links.

Can I post Adult content (Images, Videos)?
No. It is strictly prohibited to post adult content. If our platform detects any adult material on your profile your account will get suspended.

Why didn't I receive the verification link in my inbox?
Sometimes, emails go directly to the SPAM folder. Please check your spam folder for the verification email. Kindly contact us if you still haven't received the email.

Why is my account disabled/suspended?
Your account has been suspended because you may have violated our terms of use. If you believe that we are mistaken. Please let us know